Monday 2 March 2015

Dragon Ball KAI MUGEN 2015 PC Game Latest version

Dragon Ball Kai mugen PC Game 2015 is another version of dragon ball. This game is originally adapted from the movie. Thus, if you ever watch the movie you will be familiar with the characters and their skill. It is an action game which provide more various characters. With this diversity heroes to play, it will make you not bored with this game. It will be a good option to play in battle with your partner or play with computer. It doesn’t need a computer with high spec to play this, even low spec will support. So there is no fear,  If you are interested much and curious with this game, you download it in this site for totally free. 

Dragon Ball KAI MUGEN 2015 PC Game Download

New Dragon Ball KAI MUGEN 2015 Game Full Version

Dragon Ball KAI MUGEN 2015 pverview When songoku and his three sons meet in a battle, and all of them has special power and also has supersaiya. Songoten, is a little brother of songohan. Songohan is the oldest son of Songoku. In Dragon Ball KAI mugen, they can be chosen to play against each other. Most people like play the game in arcade mode. Because each characters can show their skill maximally. Personally, the hardest enemy to beat is Bezita. 

As you can see in the picture, there are many game modes that you can choose. Arcade, VS mode, Team VS, and team go OP. For team VS, it means you can play the game in group. In simple words, it is team vs team battle. Yes, it is well known as multilayer. Besides the main character, it will be better for you to try all heroes in this game. Pikollo, Krilin, Trunk and the others gives good contribution in supporting when doing a war. so make sure you do not miss it.

Dragon Ball KAI MUGEN meet and greet

That is a game display when all the characters meet in arena. And those are figures you can define based on your interest. Personally, I feel fun when all the heroes show their skill in a battle. And I myself prefer to play this game in team instead of singularly. If you are wondering on how it performs, no more waiting, grab it now and test it by yourself!

Download Dragon Ball KAI MUGEN  PC Game 2015 Free
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Dragon Ball KAI MUGEN 2015 PC Game Latest version


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