Thursday 19 February 2015

New Digimon MUGEN 2016 Updated - PC Game

This time, I’d like to share a Fighting PC Game, New Digimon MUGEN 2015 for PC. There are so many characters in this game can be played. You do not need to worry about anything, because this game is light and will not burden your computer. You shouldn’t have high spec computer to play this game. This is a 2D fighting engine which is totally customizable for PC. With this game, you can download characters for it all over the internet.

Digimon MUGEN full version 2015 PC game

New Digimon Adventure Mugen 2015 Full version

Ever you watch digimon adventure serial, if you are falling in love with that's anime then you will love this one too. This game  is a fighting game which is based on one of the most succesful cartoon in the world. When you download this game, you will find some opened characters and some is going to be released while playing. In the game , you can decide one of your favorite Digimon and put the monsters to do battle with each other.

Digimon MUGEN full version 2015

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New Digimon Adventure 2015 for PC

It's all your decided to choose greymon, wargreymoon, skullgreymon or another char. Find out special move and special skill, i will not tell you the secret. Just hope that you will found it by yourself. Some friends ask me, can i do fusion here? Yes you can, but the fusion is just a character, you only can do some evolve in the game not the fusion.

Download New Digimon MUGEN 2015 full version for PC
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New Digimon MUGEN 2016 Updated - PC Game