Monday 2 March 2015

Dragon Ball AF Mugen Update 2015 PC game

Dragon Ball AF Mugen 2015 for PC is an update of the previous version series. This is a fighting game which has various characters with in. So that you can choose your own favorite hero to play, no matter you like the performance, power, or appearance. You can define what suits yourself best. The most popular characters of this game are Songoku Super Saiya and all his sons, Trunks, Frieza, Cell, Vegeta, and many else. Each those characters has its own specialty , such as different in power, stamina, skill and agility. 

Dragon Ball AF MUGEN 2015 Download

New Update Dragon Ball AF Mugen 2015 Game For PC

Good news that it is not only can be played versus mode, but also you can play it in “TEAM MODE”. In case you choose team mode, you can select your team on computer or simply invite your mates to play with you. In order to do all of this, go to “setting” menu. There are many menu choices you can set before you play this game. You can also adjust the width, height and something like that by going through the “data folder”. Afterwards open the Mugen.cfg by using notepad. By optimizing the configuration, it will be a lot of fun. 

Dragon Ball AF MUGEN 2015 heroes

Controller of Dragon Ball AF Mugen Full version 2015

    Dragon Ball AF Two heroes
  • Move: Q, E, W, S, D, A
  • Power Reloading: Press and hold A+S or Q+A
  • Special skill /(To activate kamehame): down arrow, back + E
  • Another skill: back arrow, right arrow, W or down arrow, back, W or down arrow, back, A
Due to each characters has different keyboard controller, so you can combine it all in shuffle.
When Songoku is being angry, he usually take his tail out and color of the hair is changing. when he is in that form, his power become twice stronger than his usual looks. Even the kamehame, with supersaiya appearance, the kamehame also has more power to hit his enemy.  Supersaiya form has three level, saiya 1, 2 and 3. When he change to be supersaiya 3, the hair is changing to be long and the power is in the top strength. 

Download Dragon Ball AF Mugen PC game 2015 Free
Download Link

This edition is remake from the previous one, but what is most different, if you ever heard about super saiyan 5 then this one you will found up to saiyan 6. You will found goku with white hair, and there are many new char. Get it now, cause we can not guaranteed that link will available all of the time.

Dragon Ball AF Mugen Update 2015 PC game


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