Sunday 24 May 2015

Dragon Ball Heroes MUGEN 2015 V3 for PC

Dragon Ball Heroes MUGEN V3 2015 PC Game  is a 2D fighting game in which players can use the legendary character from the Dragon Ball series. The battle could be one on one, or two against two. Among the available characters selection, you will find a common character taken from the anime movie, they are: Son Goku, Son Gohan, Vegeta and Cell, and some other unfamiliar characters like Doctor Gero, Giru and Mr.Satan robot. Although in some ways the best thing is that you can fight different versions of the same character. For example, you have three versions of Cell (three taransformation), tree different transformation of Trunk and so on.

Dragon Ball Heroes MUGEN v3 download

Dragon Ball Heroes MUGEN 2015 Full Version Free

Unusual thing, each character has special moves that imitates the previous game. Goku can do kame hame - his and Genki could throw fireballs. in the same way, Krillin could throw ray and powerful energy. Dragon Ball Heroes also accelerate the number of game modes that he offers. You can play arcade game mode against the AI ​​, mode of cooperation in fighting two against two, survival mode, and training mode that takes place in a space. Dragon Ball Heroes is a MUGEN battle game, in which not only has a Dragon Ball characters long to be chosen, game system has also been re rejuvenate and the graphic is above - average.

Dragon Ball Heroes MUGEN

Dragon Ball Heroes MUGEN Cell Invansion

Dragon Ball Heroes MUGEN Bhu fight

You see in the picture Songoten kid fight againts Songohan teen. Son goten is Songohan little brothers. Both are the son of Songoku. In this game, there is no strongest character. All is according to how you play the game. You can hit your enemy in one, two, three or four combo. The power, stamina, energy, and blood are all shown in the screen where can you use as the measurument of your condition.

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If you are curious and interested to play that game, so no more waiting, just click attached link in the end of this article. It is just one of Dragon ball games, if you are willing to have another version, 

Dragon Ball Heroes MUGEN 2015 V3 for PC


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